​“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.”

- ​Geena Davis

About me:

Growing up in an Immigrant family wasn't the easiest. My family consisted of me, my twin brother, a sister, two older brothers and my parents. Both my parents and older siblings, besides my twin brother, were born and raised in Uruguay, and didn’t come to the United States until about the year 2002. For them, it wasn’t a normal stroll through the park, they had to face many challenges but eventually settled and found who they were. They were always supportive of my choices in life and in the theatrical/acting world. I owe a lot to my family, friends, and mentors for who I am today. I'm a man who puts forth all effort into what he does and trys to find the best outcomes in everything.

Revelant Skills:

-Singing: Bass/Baritone

-Athlete (Soccer-7 yrs, Cross country/ Track- 4 yrs



-Violin Player

-Fluency in Spanish

-Combat Training

-Dance trained

_Quick and effective quick changes


-Ability to step up into a role and learn in a short time frame

Education & Training:

-Brandy Carter (Ongoing)         Acting           Duluth, GA (Duluth High)

-Cindy's Art Studio (5 months)         Dancing          Duluth GA

-Cassandra Epps (2 years)    Acting          Duluth GA (Duluth middle)

-Ivy Overcash (1 year)          Vocal     Duluth GA (Duluth High)

-Brandy Carter (1 year)         Tech                  Duluth GA

-Sydney Price (5 Months)     Dancing              Duluth GA

 Work Experience: 

-Shrek the Musical TYA- Thelonius, Guard, Knight, Farquaad- Duluth High School

-Sister Act Jr.- Pablo- Duluth High School

-Once on This Island Jr.- Agwe- Duluth Middle School

-Wiley and the Hairy Man- Chorus 3- Duluth High School

-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jr. -Santa Clause- Duluth High School

-Our Place- AL and Lyle- Duluth High School

-Animal Farm- Farmer Jones- Duluth High School

-Pajama game- Charley- Duluth High School

-High School Musical Jr.- Chad Danforth- Duluth High